Project Details

Integration of RE Technologies in Buildings (BEEP-RE)

Training and Capacity Building Program

The Technical assistance being offered by BEEP-RE to selected pilot projects has a standardized process flow which involves four stages of interaction and working with the design and management team of the pilot project. In order to share the knowledge and information gained throughout the duration of the project, BEEP-RE team designed a training and capacity building program, to train concerned personnels regarding RE integration in buildings. Also, IIEC assisted the BEEP team in delivering the training module on RE technology and process of integration for students during the BEEP Camp organized in December 2022 and 2021. 

The project at BEEP-RE has organized two training sessions for Mahindra Lifespaces for their Jaipur World City (JWC). Mahindra Lifespaces has developed JWC as an SEZ and is providing infrastructural facilities to the occupants at JWC. The team organized a training session for Mahindra Lifespaces to equip the industries at the JWC with Knowledge about RE technology, benefits, sizing of the project and process of RE integration.

One training session for MLDL design teams across different projects to equip them in developing the building designs which are more aligned to renewable energy integration by maximizing the space for utilization of various renewable energy resources in the building. The main objectives of BEEP-RE team focuses on developing the skillsets of the pilot project’s owners by: 

  • Explaining the preparation of tender document and bid evaluation Matrix for selected technology option through modal tender example
  • Specifying the ways of inviting bids from technology providers
  • Specifying the evaluation of technical and commercial offers
  • Understanding and supporting the negotiations on cost and scope 
  • Drafting Tech Specs and TOR for technology providers - solar 

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