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Integration of RE Technologies in Buildings (BEEP-RE)


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Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has supported BEEP-RE team for the project regarding the ‘Integration of Renewable Energy in Buildings in India'. The BEEP-RE team has identified ten renewable technologies applicable in the Indian context which have been covered in the tipsheets. A guidebook has also been designed to assist builders, architects and engineers identify the optimal renewable technology as per the building type, occupational load and location.


Demonstration for Building Integrated Renewable Energy Technologies for up-scaling in India

BEEP-RE has identified commercial viable technologies, pilot projects, and prepared tools and guidebooks to support the selection of technologies.

Integration of Renewable Energy in Buildings in India: Shortlisted Technologies Tipsheets

As part of the objectives of the program, technologies suitable for building integration in Indian context have been shortlisted. This booklet provides a brief description of each of these technologies.

Guidebook for the Integration of Renewable Energy in Buildings

The guidebook presents information on the optimum RE technology systems which can be integrated in buildings in India.



The tool designed by BEEP-RE team assists the building experts, architects, and students to evaluate the performance of various RE technologies in buildings based on various parameters such as project typology, location, and number of users.


Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing

BEEP-RE has designed training modules and capacity building programs for professionals and building sector practitioners.

BEEP Camp: Integration of Renewable Energy in Buildings in India ( BEEP-RE Program)

The presentation introduces students in BEEP Camp at CEPT University towards designing, showcasing, implementing and monitoring building integrated new and innovative renewable energy technologies suitable in the Indian context.

Assessment of Policy and Regulatory Mechanism

This report discusses about the available policy and regulatory mechanisms in context of the project at the state and national level. The assessment of such mechanism is done and this assessment helps understand the performance of the states with respect to the entire framework.

Business Models and Financing Instruments for Integration of Renewable Energy in Buildings in India

This report focuses on the analysis of business models and financing strategies that can contribute to the integration of renewable energies in buildings, overcome the various barriers identified and, in addition, take advantage of existing opportunities in the Indian market to make them competitive and accessible.

Template for Vendor Selection Framework

The vendor selection criteria developed here can be used to shortlist the potential renewable energy system integrator for implementation of RE project at any building site.

Vendor Selection Framework for Renewable Energy Technologies

Vendor selection for any renewable energy project is very important step. A good vendor work with high integrity, technical and operational foresight when executing the project.

Tip Sheet for Energy Efficient Building Design in Ladakh (Cold & Dry Climate)

This tip sheet looks highlights the building design considerations for the building energy efficient buildings in the cold and dry climates of Ladakh.

RE Technology Assessment: Training Module

As per the outcome of the project, BEEP-RE has designed training modules and capacity building programs for professionals and building sector practitioners.


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