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Integration of RE Technologies in Buildings (BEEP-RE)

Project 2: The utilization of Organic Waste generated at the Big Basket Warehouse to generate Biogas

About Supermarket Grocery Supplies Pvt. Ltd. (BigBasket)

Supermarket Grocery Supplies Pvt. Ltd., trading as BigBasket is an Indian online grocery delivery service. The company primarily delivers grocery goods found in convenience stores, home essentials and food supplies to its customers. BigBasket was founded in December 2011 and has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. The company currently operates from Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad and has a diverse portfolio that carries more than 12,000 products and over 1,000 brands.

About the Proposed Project
  • The company has several warehouses for vegetable and fruits sorting. The largest facility is in Bengaluru located at Peenya Industrial Area. The facility generates approx. 8-10 tonnes of vegetable and fruit waste daily. The geo-coordinates of site are 13.1240779 N,77.8256858 E. The site layout are shown in image below:
  • The site has an operational grid-connected 1 MW rooftop solar PV system. The management is looking for efficient way of utilizing the waste. A bio-methanation plant of 10 TPD capacity was assessed to meet the requirements.
Waste to be processed:
  • Segregated Organic Waste – Fruits and vegetables waste: 10 TPD. Butchery being setup. Waste to be available from butchery expected to be around 500 kgs per day. Further segregation is needed to ensure organic waste bio-methanation potential is fed to the proposed biogas unit.
Role of BEEP-RE
The BEEP-RE team has provided support to the building owners and developers through:
  • Site assessment to identify type of RE sources available at the site
  • Identification of suitable RE technologies for building integration
  • Techno-commercial assessment of the shortlisted RE technologies
  • Recommendations on technical and commercial viability of shortlisted options
  • Identification of technology providers and assistance in negotiations with them 

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