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Integration of RE Technologies in Buildings (BEEP-RE)

Policy and Regulations for RE Technologies Suitable for Integration in Buildings in India

Mar 09, 2021
reliableEnergy system

A stakeholder consultation webinar was organized on “Policy and Regulations for RE Technologies Suitable for Integration in Buildings in India” on 9th March 2021. Acknowledging that the policies, regulations, green building codes and standards are the main drivers of the renewable energy and their integration in buildings, a state performance metric was developed to understand this landscape in India. The metric considers multiple performance indicators (KPIs) and ranks the states against the policy and regulatory environment created to promote the integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings. The top performing states have the best landscape to promote renewable energy and their integration in the buildings. The outcomes of the analysis and the ranking provided to the states was discussed in the webinar. The webinar addressed the following objectives:

  1. Presented the state RE performance metric designed by the project team.
  2. Discussed the challenges faced by the states and capture the views of panelists and the participants to consolidate the recommendations and the rankings provided to the states.

The webinar aimed to discuss the enabling regulatory and policy environment to ensure the effective implementation of the pilots being designed by the project. The recommendations and the rankings of the states were highlighted to  help the developers and technology providers in assessment of market potential for different types of renewable energy technologies for buildings. 

Webinar Speakers

The consultation webinar brought together experts from the government and private sectors, the Meghraj Experts and SDC, India. The speakers from the workshop included:


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