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Integration of RE Technologies in Buildings (BEEP-RE)

Panel Discussion: Experience and opinion on building integration of RE systems in India

Jun 23, 2020
reliableEnergy system

The online workshop was held on 23rd June 2020 where experts from government and private sector discussed the experiences and opinions on RE integration in buildings in India. The team conducted multiple workshops to engage with field experts regarding the issues surrounding the uptake of RE systems in India. 


The webinar proceedings began with welcome remarks from Mr. Anant Joshi, Project Manager, IIEC, he introduced all the speakers and briefly explained the project. Then the session started with a welcome address given by Mr. Anand Shukla, Senior Thematic Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The event then proceeded into a discussion session beginning with Mr. Anand Shukla, Senior Thematic Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Mr. Shukla set the floor for discussion for the webinar by welcoming all the panelists and speakers. 

After that Mr. Shukla invited Mr. Sanjay Dube, President, and CEO of IIEC. He explained the project which  is looking into the right type of renewable energy technology and how to integrate financing, business model, interfering with facades of the building, design of the building, acceptability of energy, and limitations in terms of repair and maintenance. And the second part of the program is its pilot stage where buildings are being chosen and their demand and requirements are being analyzed in terms of financing and other needs. Further, Mr. Dube mentioned future plans to get finances from leading financing institutes and publications project guidebooks and manuals at the end of three-years.


The highlights of the workshop were:

  • Identification of two ways to conserve energy- The active and passive way. In a passive way- building passive design is focused i.e, on the thickness of wall and roof for maintaining the comfortable temperature of a building. In a passive way – we can use phase change material with regular walls and roof in the combination of (Inner concrete + PCM + Middle concrete + Insulation + Outer concrete) which helps to reduce the temperature in summers. 
  • For Delhi climate, phase change materials used are EICOSANE and OM35 and the insulating material is polystyrene. Research scopes for Phase change materials for different climatic zones of India in terms of mapping, thermo-physical properties, etc.  
  • Active way to conserve energy – Utilization of Solar Renewable energy as a Solar Biomass hybrid system for cooking and cooling application.  
  • There is an increase in the installation of RE systems in existing public buildings and newly made buildings as well. 
  • The drawback of installing solar rooftops is the lack of codes and standards for the installation and maintenance of RE technology in the buildings. 
  • There are several problems and challenges in the process of RE integration in the building like apprehensiveness of the building owners, lack of variety and innovation, lack of standards regarding RE technology, installation issues and others as discussed. 

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