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Integration of RE Technologies in Buildings (BEEP-RE)

Kick-off Meeting for Integration of Renewable Energy in Building in India Program

Embassy of Switzerland, New Delhi
Jan 11, 2020
reliableEnergy system

The Kick-off meeting started with all the stakeholders from SDC and IIEC to discuss the proposed plan, strategies and timelines for the preparation of ProDoc. IIEC was decided to be the consortium lead having the responsibilities of overall project management. The responsibilities covered management of PMTU and coordination with the steering committee and SDC. BASE was identified as an expert for the design of financial mechanisms, business models and risk mitigation instruments to increase investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

The meeting resulted in identifying the following areas:

  • Confirmed the scope of work and timelines with respect to deliverables of the project
  • Getting to know about any existing knowledge and any relevant database available with Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) 
  • Fine tuning of the proposed methodology for program implementation in pilot projects 
  • Finalized the list of stakeholders for any consultation during the inception phase
  • Agreed on the communication and flow of information between the project team and SDC
  • Agreed on the proposed structure of Project Management Technical Unit (PMTU)
  • Finalized the outline structure of ProDoc

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